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This COVID- 19 pandemics has made the 21st century more modernized.  This pandemic taught everyone how to survive in different and difficult situations. Teachers who never used electronics much, today are well aware of how to conduct online meetings and exams. Shopkeepers who never used online payment as a method of payment, now are the facilitators of online payment. Previously, India had unemployment but after this pandemic, it increased. The massive population become unemployed. Daily wage workers were the worst affected. They walked to their native places but were unemployed. India is known to have more manpower and its economy is labour intensive. But because of this pandemic when manpower was sitting in their homes fold the hand, the government launched an app – ROJGAR SETU AAP.

MP Rojgar Setu Yojana

When was the app launched?

The respect chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the one who initiated the ‘Rojgar Setu’ scheme. His intention behind launching such an app was to employ the skilled workers, who went back to their homes due to the pandemic. The government of Madhya Pradesh was the first to understand the need of the returned workers and initiate such a helpful plan for them.

How to use Rojgar Setu App ?

To use the app, the first step is to download the app. Then the person has to get himself/herself register through ROJGAR SETU PORTAL AAP. Then according to their skills and interest, they can find a suitable job for them. In this way, by sitting at home they will be able to get a required job. The last date to get registered was 3rd June 2020. The Madhya Pradesh government made it clear that the only the people who are permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh can get themselves register before 3rd of June,2020. Also, there was a requirement of Samagra ID. If the workers didn’t have it, they were supposed to generate the same.

Benefits of the app

The app proved to be beneficial for the daily wage workers, who almost lost the faith to earn daily bread for them and their families. Because of the app manpower of the country was not wasted. Even though small but somehow app was an effort to make the economy stable. Since it is an initiative taken by using technology the country took a step ahead in the technological field as well. Also, the public was helped by the government it enhanced public faith in government.

Rojgar Setu App Free Download

Why was this app launched

Every country and nation is rich and vital in having their natural and unnatural resources. Just like the USA, has technology in abundance, India has its population which if used and utilized optimally could perfectly and flawlessly contribute towards the development of the nation. The App Rojgar is a step towards this mission. As it employs the bulk of talent and manpower and is a golden opportunity and chance to empower the skilled population of the nation.

The respected chief minister of Madhya Pradesh mentioned in his speech that on the first day of the launch of the app 75 skilled workers get themselves registered and also from unemployed they become employed on the first day itself. He also said that 7.30 lakh migrant labourers and around 5.7 lakh members of their families have registered themselves on the app. In total 12.37 lakh labourers got themselves Registered on this Rojgar app.



India is the country which was already facing unemployment, in addition to it due to COVID 19 pandemic it increased. The massive population of daily wage workers returned to their native places. They were the one who was worst affected due to lockdown. During this situation for the workers who returned to Madhya Pradesh, the Rojgar setu app worked as a saviour. This app not only saved them for unemployment but they were able to get the job according to their skills. The Government of Madhya Pradesh were the first one to initiate this plan and they achieved success as well. The skilled hands which would have been folded at homes were at work due to this app. Also, this app gave a technological push to the country. This app helped the government to gain faith in public.


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