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Pradhana Mantri Tractor Yojana Telangana

In the Indian economy, agriculture is one of the major sectors. In some countries, people use modern machinery to agriculture that replaced all the traditional equipment. But in some countries, still, they use old traditional equipment for agriculture. Various farming equipments that are attached to the tractors help the soil for cultivation, harvesting, and good growth of the crop. India is the country that vastly depends on the agriculture sector. For more than thousands of years we are habituating agriculture as one of the main occupations but it does not take its position. Farmers are the backbone of India. But, nowadays, the population of farmers is continuously decreasing.

Agriculture Minister P Srinivas Reddy in Telangana said that the state government provided a lot of benefits to the farmers. The government has allotted  Rs 300 crore for the tractor and agricultural equipment. And the government has planned to distribute 3,900 of tractors in total by pm tractor yojana Telangana. They also better variety of fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds that helps the farmers to grow and cultivate well.

Pradhanmantri tractor yojana – Telangana

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What does pm tractor yojana Telangana mean?

The Telangana government has launched this scheme for providing the tractors to the farmers in that state. Under this scheme, the farmers are allowed to purchase a tractor with loans. Pm tractor yojana Telangana provides more and more discounts for purchasing types of equipment and tractors. This is the reason the farmers can provide maximum crops to the market. By supplying more crops to the market they can improve their economic condition. This scheme helps the farmers of the state to get the tractor at a very low price. This scheme was introduced by the Narendra Modi, prime minister of India.

PM Tractor Yojana Highlight :

Tractors help the farmers more and more by reducing their time of work. Nowadays, they become an indispensable part of farming in this modern world. The tractors are available in a vast range to satisfy some of the agricultural needs. Usually, tractors are designed with a powerful engine that runs over the uneven land area. Truly it is not the machine, it is the friend of the farmers that help them most. In some countries, agriculture plays an important role in the occupation, and tractors play a vital role in every farmer’s life too.

Purpose of pm tractor yojana Telangana:

The tractor is the perfect need of farmers to cultivate, harvest, transport the goods to market, and it is used for traveling too. Tractors are the best way to plouging the land because it will not consume much time and it will not consume more resourse. Nowadays, agriculture cannot be done without a tractor because tractors are the backbone of the farm.

pm tractor yojana Telangana Benefits :

  • Under this pm tractor yojana Telangana scheme, a percentage are directly given to the bank ranging from fifty to sixty percent.
  • After the application is approved the farmers should pay fifty percent of his own money from his pocket after purchasing the tractor.
  • If the land of the farmer is not in his name then the farmer cannot apply tractor as subsidy.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Yojana 2020, the benefits are directly given to the farmers form the bank. So, it is necessary to have a bank account and aadhaar card link with the bank.
  • The applicant farmer should not involve in any other machinery schemes before.
  • Only one member of the family group will get benefit from this scheme.
  • If a farmer from India want to buy a tractor for the farming purpose they can get twenty to fifty percent at the time of purchasing.

Kisan Tractor Yojana Documents required :

The documents that are required for the registration of pm tractor yojana Telangana are permanent land documents, voter id card, pan card, passport, Aadhaar card, driving license, a bank account password, mobile phone number, account details name and date of birth, application letter, payment receipt, passport size photo, etc. you can check your registration by visiting the official website of pm tractor yojana Telangana on farmer corner. The condition of the farmers is not good in today’s generation. Their needs were increasing day by day. So by using the documents mentioned above you can able to apply for very low price tractors which helps in agriculture.

PM Tractor Yojana Eligibility criteria:

  • The farmer should have agriculture land registered in his name. so that there are more advantages provided by the scheme.
  • In the first seven years of application, the farmers cannot gain any benefits from government schemes that is central or state government schemes.
  • The applicant farmer should have a permanent residence in India.
  • The farmer should have his own land for cultivation.
  • The farmer should involve in full-time farming.

How to apply pm tractor yojana:

There are a number of ways for availing a new tractor subsidy that majorly depends on the state of residence since the above-mentioned document will vary from different states because of different schemes offered in different states. The best way to apply the new tractor in pm tractor yojana Telangana is by calling the nearer bank or agriculture company or you can give the necessary details to the common service center. The nearest Jan Seva Kendra will take the details you submitted and it will provide an application for the farmer who applied. Farmers can apply offline by using the Jan Seva Kendra. Online applications are accepted in some countries.


The government has provided most of the schemes and the notable scheme was pm tractor yojana Telangana that help the farmers in various ways and consume valuable time and precious energy. Farmers can quickly regain the investment that they paying the extra price for fertilizers and seed. In this technological world plouging, the land with old traditional equipment and cattle consumes more energy. So, through this scheme, the farmers gain the advantage of getting tractors at a very low price.


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