Jharkhand Farm Loan Waiver Scheme 2021

Jharkhand farm loan waiver scheme for fasal Rahat Yojana is new steam with are launched by Jharkhand Chief Minister on 1st January 2021. In this Jharkhand Ven Mafi Yojana, the state government will have the power to waive their loan amount up to rupees 50000 per farmer into the state. For this purpose, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr. Hemant Soren allocates a budget of rupees 2000 crore for helping the farmer to waive their loan amount. According to the chief minister, this scheme replaces pm Kisan Bima Yojana with the original name fasal Rahat Yojana and decides to give the benefits to the farmers of the state and the first stage of this Yojana state government allocate 100 crore rupees for this. Jharkhand budget 2020 to 2021 the state government declares various kinds of social welfare scheme which provide benefits to the farmers of the state.

Jharkhand Farm Loan Waiver Scheme

These skills include unemployed allowance scheme m&p power scheme and scholarship scheme for government school student it and treatment for critical illness and this loan waiver scheme by the government of the state. The government announced to start an unemployment allowance scheme with provide helps to the youth of the state to provide them with financial assistance Till they get any kind of employment. In this article, we are going to tell you about all the major and minor details about this Jharkhand farm loan waiver scheme 2020 e or facial Rahat Yojana for the farmer.

Key points for this scheme

According to the government of Jharkhand, the Chief Minister decided to start a Startup farm loan waiver scheme to help the farmers to get rid of the sum of the loan amount. As we all know that due to some critical reasons farmers unable to pay their loans on time and because of that Dipesh very difficult to repay the amount and because of that the loan amount will increase month by month. To help the farmer state minister of Jharkhand launched this scheme for the farmers whose income share in repayment of farm loans.

According to the details on the first page of this Krishi Rin Mafi Yojana 2021 total of 50,000 of the farm loan amount will be waived for one farmer. For this the government and 2000 crore rupees for the Jharkhand loan waiver scheme. The main purpose of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to around 7 lakh farmers of the state with a loan amount up to 50000 to get Weavers under this scheme. Cut off date. According to this scheme, the amount of loan sought on 31st March 2020 will be automatically transferred to the bank account of the farmer.

According to the state government the token amount of rupees one is charged by one person of each family. As per the recent report there around more than 13 lakh farmers in the state that are unable to repay their loan amount with a total worth is 5800 crores rupees outstanding amount. Out of this total amount, there are nine lakh off active and others amount are in the cooperative. For these active accounts, the state government decided to launch this scheme for Jharkhand residence for 7 lakh farmer would be benefited under the scheme.

Jharkhand Kisan Karj Mafi Scheme

In the budget of Jharkhand of this current year 2020 to 2021 presented in the state assembly for the estimate cost of 46370 crore of rupees. The government has also provided information that crop loan data has been submitted and banks have been asked to complete the Aadhaar enabling process. A dedicated website will also be launched for the successful implementation of the Jharkhand Kisan Debt Waiver Scheme. All the beneficiaries who want to take advantage of this scheme will have to apply on this website.

Under this scheme, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Tuesday approved the loan of Rs 2000 crore to farmers of the state. This was announced by RPN Singh, the Congress in-charge of Jharkhand. First of all, eight lakh farmers who take loans up to Rs 25,000 in Jharkhand will be waived under the Jharkhand Kisan Debt Waiver Scheme. After that the loans of farmers who take loans of 50,000 or more will be forgiven. About 17.85 lakh farmers are in debt in the state. 9300 crore rupees will be spent on debt waiver of all farmers.

Jharkhand farmers district wise beneficiary list 2020

This beneficiary list will be released district wise. The farmers of Jharkhand whose names will come under this Jharkhand Kisan Debt Waiver List 2020 (Farmers whose name will come under this beneficiary list). Only those farmers will be forgiven by the state government (Those farmers will be forgiven by the state government.). 

Jharkhand Kisan Debt Waiver Scheme 2020

The scheme has been announced by the Chief Minister of the state, Hemant Soren, presenting the budget for the year 2020-21. Under this Jharkhand Kisan Debt Waiver Scheme 2020, the state government waived loans of up to Rs 50,000 for small and marginal farmers of the state. Under this Kisan Karj Mafi Yojana 2020 only small and marginal farmers of the state will be benefited. Announcing this scheme, a provision of about 2 thousand crores will be made for it in the coming financial year.

Loans up to Rs 50,000 will be forgiven

Under the Jharkhand Kisan Debt Waiver Scheme, loans up to ₹ 50000 will be waived by the Government of Jharkhand. If there is more than 50,000 in arrears of arrears, up to ₹ 50000 will be forgiven and the remaining arrears will have to be repaid.

The objective of the Farmer Debt Waiver Scheme

According to this scheme, only small and marginal farmers can avail of benefits for this scheme. At the same time, those banks will also be benefited those farmers who take the money as a loan but are not able to repay. With this scheme, the money will be returned to the banks and they will be able to allow other farmers as well. Through this scheme, to provide big relief to the farmers of the state.

Benefits of Kisan Karj Mafi Yojana 2020

  • According to this scheme, only small and marginal farmers can avail of benefits for this scheme
  • The farmers of the state will get a big relief with the commencement of this Kisan loan waiver scheme 2020.
  • Farmers who are income taxpayers cannot avail of this scheme.
  • The farmers will no longer have to go into any other business except their main occupation.

Documents & Eligibility

  • The farmer should be a permanent resident of Uttrakhand.
  • Aadhar Card
  • residence certificate
  • identity card
  • Bank account passbook
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

Portal prepared by SLBC

According to this scheme, there is a portal that is created by the government for state-level banker committee. All the data related to this scheme and the bank should be recorded under this scheme. On this portal, full details of the loan of the farmer and the loan will be audited. A separate folder from one lakh to one and a half lakh rupees will be made and similarly, all farmers will be listened to.


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