CFMS Bihar Employee Salary Slip

Bihar Employee payslip is given to an employee at the end of the month. A salary payslip states the information that how much money an employee has earned, how much money is deducted and how much tax has been paid. Previously, these payslips had to be kept safely for future references.

Now the state government of Bihar has given the opportunity to download the Bihar Employee Salary PaySlip from its CFMS (Comprehensive Financial Management System) portal on its official website. Employees can access their payslips of the previous month as well. The Bihar e-Nidhi Login web portal: is maintained by the State Treasury Website and Finance Government Department website of Bihar.

CFMS Bihar e-Nidhi Employee Salary Payslip Login 2021 details

ArticleBihar employee payslip or e-Nidhi CFMS payslip
AuthorityBihar Government
DepartmentFinance Department of Bihar
SectionComprehensive Finance Management System (CFMS)
ObjectiveTo provide financial services to the government. employees
BeneficiaryGovernment Employees
ServicesSalary Slip, Pay Slip, GPF Statement etc.
Training Manual
Official Website1. 

how to login cfms bihar portal 2021

To download or check bihar regular monthly employee salary payslip 2021, follow the steps given below:

cfms e nidhi login portal
  • After that click on the Login button.
  • Then, an Employee/Payee/Pension Self Service web application will appear on the screen.
cfms bihar employee login
  • Now, If you are an employee then select the employee option from the drop down menu.
  • After that, the Employee self service web application box will appear. In this you need to enter your PAN Number, GPF/PRAN Number and Aadhar number.
  • Then click on the generate OTP button.
  • Now, you will receive an OPT on your registered mobile number.
  • After this, enter the OTP in the required field and click on the “Get Me In” button.
cfms bihar e nidhi
  • Now, a new page will appear on your screen which contains all your details.
cfms bihar employee details form
  • Now click on the salary slip file under the Salary Statements section. Your salary slip will be downloaded on your device.
  • With this method, you can get the last 3 months salary slips or Last 6 months salary slips or Particular Month Salary Slip.

Reset Bihar CMFS e-Nidhi Login Password

To reset your CFMS Bihar e-Nidhi Employee portal password, follow the steps below:

  • First, visit the official website of the portal by using the link
  • Then the homepage of the portal will appear on your screen.
  • Now, click on the “Forgot Password” button on the bottom of the page.
  • Then it will ask you to enter your username.
  • After filling your username, click on the “Get Secret Question” button.
  • Now, you will have to answer some questions.
  • After answering all the questions correctly, you will get the option to reset your password.

CFMS Bihar e-Nidhi Employee Salary Slip Benefits

  • The portal was initiated and developed by the Government of Bihar for the government employees.
  • The government employees can download their payslips through this portal at their home securely.
  • You can have access to other details as well such as NSP contribution, tax deduction, GIS contribution, service details etc.
  • Employees would not need to stand and wait for hours for their payslips.
  • The complete data of the employees will be recorded securely by the government through an online medium on the portal, so that transparency can be created in the works. available services

  • Active/Inactive Employee.
  • Employee loan.
  • Grouping employees.
  • Regular Monthly Salary Bill.
  • Advance Pay Bill.
  • Earned Leave Encashment Bill.
  • Recovery from Employee Salary.
  • New Employee Creation.
  • Option to modify employee group details.
  • Suspend Employee.
  • Annual Salary Increment.
  • Employee promotion.

e-Nidhi portal features 2021

  • First feature is employee maintenance.
  • Employee Loan application and services
  • Promotion of Employee
  • Group Creation is another feature.
  • LPC In
  • Recovery from Employee Salary
  • Annual Salary Increment
  • Allocate Employee
  • LPC Out
  • Suspend Employee
  • Inactive/Active Employee

As we all know that most of the government departments are getting digitized. So the state government of Bihar has also taken a step towards the digitization of its department. The state government of Bihar has developed an online portal named e-Nidhi CFMS Bihar Portal. It provides various government services online such as online payslips for the government employees.

This newly developed system of enidhi cfms bihar automatically reduces the hassle of long queue near the Department offices and large amount of manual work. This system manages only the salaries to be disbursed  by the Government of Bihar (GOB). Employees can easily access their payslips by just entering their username and password. The eNidhi login provided to each employee is unique and this makes the system secure from any malware.


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