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The Edhitch is an online education platform that is specially designed for the learners. It contains a lot of advanced tools which provide the necessary facilities in the online virtual classes. Edhitch student online portal also connects people from different parts of the world who share common interests and are interested in learning new things. This platform has been established by the alumni of Stanford University.

The Edhitch online learning platform is designed to serve anytime and anywhere so that children are not devoid of their education under any circumstances. In this article, we are going to give a tutorial on how students can log in for the editch presidency university student portal.

erp student login presidency university

The procedure of edhitch student login for presidency university is given below:

  • Open the official website https://www.edhitch.com/login.html of Edhitch presidency university student portal.
  • Enter your username on the login page.
  • Next enter the password into the intended space..
  • Once entered all the necessary details, click on ‘Sign in’ button.
  • You can finally login to the app in a few seconds.

How to Register on Edhitch?

The sign up procedure for Edhitch presidency college student login is given below:

  • Visit the official website of Edhitch student portal.
  • On homepage, click on “Sign up for Demo” button.
  • Enter all the required details in the registration form.
  • The required details will be your Name, Subject, E-mail and phone.
  • Type in your sign up request message.
  • Click on the “Send Message” button.

The official authority will contact your soon confirming your sign up process.

Edhitch password change

If you forgot your Edhitch student portal password, you can change it by following the steps given below:

  • Visit the Edhitch Reset password page by using the given link https://www.edhitch.com/ForgotPassword.jsp
  • Enter your Edhitch Login ID.
  • Click on “Get new Password” button.
  • You will receive your new password via registered email.
  • Enter the received in the required field.
  • Click on the submit button.

Edhitch Features

Edhitch presidency university online portal provides very unique and advance features that would improve the education of the student and also facilitate smooth interaction. The various features of the online platform are mentioned below:

  • It manages and contains the data of student’s progress report of the classes, assessment and individual performance.
  • The EDUHITCH comprises the attendance record of the students as well.
  • The faculty or the students can easily upload the required documents, which can be downloaded easily as well.
  • The report cards of the students of their internal and external assessments can also be uploaded on it.
  • The students can download their admit cards from this online platform as well.
  • The Grade book can also be created based on the internal and external assessments.
  • This platform is also effective for the collaboration of the teachers and other faculty members.
  • The analytics are also present on the online platform of Edhitch.

Edhitch Platform Services

The edhicth platform provides different kind of services to students and teachers as well. These features can easily be installed and function pretty well. The list of various features is given below:

  • This Edhitch platform offers both online and offline training to the teachers as well as the students.
  • Edhitch is available to provide its services 24*7 in case you have any issues.
  • Since distinct universities have different demands and approaches, it functions according to the demands of different universities.
  • It also provides efficient back up system which keeps your work absolutely safe on Edhitch student portal.
  • It keeps all your data safe and secure so that only you can have a copyright on it.
  • This is an online platform which can work anywhere and anytime.
  • It does not require any additional software or hardware for its installation.
  • Edhitch provides proper solutions to any of the academic matters.

Types of Edhitch Account

There are various types of accounts that can be created on Edhitch for different purposes. These type of accounts are as follows:

  1. Vice Chancellor’s Account
  2. HOD’s Account
  3. Student Account
  4. Faculty
  5. Administrator Account
  6. Training and Placement Officer Account
  7. Controller of Examination
  8. Dean’s Account

Edhitch Partners 2022

The partners of the Edhitch are the following universities.

  • Presidency University
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune
  • IIM Sambalpur
  • Shimla University
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
  • Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management and Research
  • Bansilal Institute, Bhiwani
  • Shri Venkateswara University

Edhitch Contact Details

In any case, if you face any issues while using Edhitch online learning platform then you can contact to Edhitch helpline authority. First visit the official website of Edhitch and click on “Contacts” on homepage. Enter your details in the “Contact us” form such as name, email, phone, subject and the message you want to convey to the specific individual that is either the faculty members or HOD.

Sign in Team – Edhitch

Editch is a broad online platform. Almost 28 campuses or universities are a part of it. It consists of more than 3000 members and conducts almost 23,00,000 examinations. Moreover more than 60,000 students are a part of the Edhitch team .


Edhitch is one of the best and most efficient online platforms to conduct the virtual classes. Its unique features and services allows multitasking work frame so that teachers and students can carry out the multiple tasks on this platform. This Edhitch login & sign in wall saves much of the time spent on carrying out different tasks. The workload of the HODs, Students and other Faculty members are reduced to a great extent and there is an easy workflow environment.


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